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Do you want to be a part of your Locals Yoga Scene? Are you frustrated with all the different places you have to look online to find yoga classes? Do you prefer yoga that won’t tie you down to just one yoga studio or location? LocalsYoga.com is for finding, sharing and posting pop-up yoga classes. We like to refer to it as #YogaInCoolPlaces.

Yoga in a Gazebo

A Bit of History

When I moved to downtown St Petersburg, Florida in July of 2016 one of the first things I did was look for yoga classes near me. I was delighted to find that there were yoga classes being held in places other than yoga studios such as the beach, craft breweries, in bike shops, coffee shops, art museums, rooftops, poolside at hotels, etc. While the first couple I stumbled on by accident, I began researching online trying to find more of these pop-up yoga classes.

What I discovered right away was that finding these classes was no easy task. There was no single or easy place online to find these types of yoga classes; where they are taking place, or within a certain time frame or on a specific date. I decided to develop one and LocalsYoga was born. Instead of calling it pop-up yoga I began referring to these types of yoga classes as YOGA IN COOL PLACES.

Our mission is to provide an easy way for all to find yoga classes being held in cool places aka pop-up yoga. We strive to connect Yoga Instructors who want to hold yoga classes in cool places with amazing, unusual, spaces and venues interested in hosting a yoga class or yoga series.

As we grow our reach we will be featuring different cities and metropolitan areas. Please share with us any and all classes that you know about so we can add them to our calendar or register to  add your classes here.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions! Please reach out via our contact us form.

Your fellow Yogi, 

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What is Pop-up Yoga

Pop-up yoga refers to the practice of yoga in non-traditional spaces (places not normally used for exercise or meditation) within a community.

These venues for pop-up yoga classes that are often viewed as fun and accessible by longtime and beginning yogis alike. These group yoga practices increase awareness of yoga and offer an accessible, inclusive location that may encourage individuals to try yoga for the first time.

Yogapedia explains Pop-up Yoga

There are many philosophies behind the importance and practice of Pop-up yoga. Some yoga instructors lead pop-up classes to offer more accessible, adventurous and cost-effective classes in their communities. Other teachers offer Pop-up yoga classes as a spiritual discipline in order to encourage yogis to create peaceful, meditative environments wherever they are able.

Pop-up yoga can be impromptu or planned, and classes are routinely offered at low-cost or on a donation basis. In many cities, there are Pop-up yoga communities that get the word out on scheduled or unscheduled classes through social media, while some yoga professionals teach pop-up classes alone to cut down on studio costs, using social media to communicate with students on their offerings.

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