Welcome Yogis Do you want to be a part of the Locals Yoga Scene? LocalsYoga.com is a resource to find yoga classes near you that are being held OUTSIDE of a yoga studio in non-traditional settings. The places where locals go to do yoga…The beach, parks, markets, craft breweries, bike shops, coffee shops , art museums, rooftops, poolside at hotels etc.. So you can do yoga with the locals. Locals Yoga. When I moved to downtown St Petersburg, Florida in July of 2016 one of the first things I did was look for yoga classes near me. I was delighted to find that there were Yoga classes being held in places other than Yoga Studios such as Finding out about these classes was a challenge in itself. Google, facebook, Mindbody are all resources but there was no single place to go online. What I needed was a resource that had a list of yoga classes in these non-traditional settings, when and where they were being held. So I decided to develop one and Locals Yoga was born. Travelers, vacationers, snowbirds, new to the area, new to yoga, or lived here forever! I am building a business directory for local Yoga Instructors who are interested in holding classes in cool places and cool places that want to find yogi’s to do classes. Please contact me via the contact us form if you would want to be added. Do you teach a yoga class in a cool place and want to add it to our calendar? Go here to add your event Your fellow yogi, Kristy